Campolo Scholars May 2019 Commencement

Abi Fell-Dewalt: A Servant’s Heart and Mind

Campolo Scholar, Summer Intern for Children's Ministries with Tony Campolo at St. John's Baptist Church

There is a major challenge in the American church today. We do not have enough qualified and trained pastors and church leaders.

Fewer young people are following Christ, still, fewer are trained biblically, and even  fewer yet can afford ministry training.

This is precisely why the Campolo Center for Ministry exists. The church must invest in its future, by investing in the education and training of its future pastors, missionaries, and youth workers.

We long to see students inspired by Tony: sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with a commitment to the integration of faith, love, reason, and justice.

Last Sunday, we shared an important goal with you: to raise $21,000 to support and train a new Cohort of Campolo Scholars and ensure they are able to receive the education and training they need – with little or no debt – to serve our churches and stay in ministry long-term.

Today, I invite you to consider how Campolo Scholar Abi Fell-Dewalt is already making a difference this summer:

Abi will spend the summer working with Tony Campolo. She will work in Tony’s office, providing administrative support for Tony’s ministry, and will also work as children’s minister of St. John’s Baptist Church, where Tony is the co-pastor. She is developing a Sunday School series that will help kids know the Bible, will coordinate and lead seven weeks of Vacation Bible School and is helping kids to serve people in need in the community.

Abi is very excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate God’s Kingdom in South Philly this summer! And the Campolo Center is proud to have partnered with you to invest in Abi – a courageous young leader with a clear calling.

Would you join us now in the effort to raise $21,000 at the end of our ministry year, so that we can continue the work of recruiting, supporting, and training more church leaders like Abi?

Your partnership is changing the future of the church. Thank you and God bless you!


Robert Gauthier
Executive Director




  1. BRUCE on June 24, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    What an excellent idea. Identifying and then providing financial support for our future leaders is such an obvious thing to do to enable new pastors to serve the church, we should have done it before now.


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