Tony to offer Tuesday’s benediction at DNC

Dr. Tony Campolo

Tony Campolo, who served as the Clintons’ spiritual adviser during their administration years, is honored to have been asked to offer tonight’s closing benediction at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Tony sees this invitation as both a civic and a Gospel opportunity. God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat, and Christians have a responsibility…

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Video: An Evening with Tony and Mark


If you were not able to attend or watch the live stream of last Sunday’s service with Tony Compolo and Mark Lowry, you can watch the YouTube video of it below. We hope to get these two together again soon!  In the meantime, Tony will be preaching at the Tabernacle again next Sunday, July 10th…

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Celebrating our first year working with our Campolo Scholars

Campolo Scholars with Tony, Peggy and Robert

As the Campolo Center for Ministry nears the end of its fiscal year (Today, June 30), we are celebrating our first year working with Campolo Scholars…a year filled with encouragement for what God is doing on campus. We are so grateful for your support of the inaugural cohort of Campolo Scholars. You have every reason…

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How Music Can Reach People Who Resent Christianity

Tony and Lenise

What if Christian songwriters took their music to the next level? What if in addition to inspiring the church, their music went out among the lost and broken and invited them in? Lenise Morales was born and raised in Philadelphia. At Eastern, she’s studying Entrepreneurship and Business, which she plans to use to support her…

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This New Song from a Young Christian Will Leave You Breathless

Lenise and Steve @ITLM

What if Christian music didn’t gloss over how hard life can be? Lenise Morales is a Campolo Scholar at the Campolo Center for Ministry at Eastern University. Her forthcoming EP, which will be recorded this summer, seeks to use non-“church music” to reach a broad audience that needs to meet the real Jesus. She says:…

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An Evening with Tony Campolo and Mark Lowry Sunday, June 26th at 7 PM


Laugh, cry, think and worship during an unforgettable evening with Tony and Mark. Dove and Grammy Award winning artist Mark Lowry joins Eastern University Professor Emeritus Tony Campolo for a unique performance on stage where they communicate profound Biblical truths through music and storytelling. The Ocean City Tabernacle will make this special service available online…

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What we need from the next generation of Christian leaders

Tony and Michelle

Young Christians are missing something huge from their lives. What could they do for Christ if they got it? “Is it possible to ask ourselves to know Jesus all the way, not just halfway? I think most of us are scared of the answer,” says Michelle Miles. South Jersey native Michelle is a Campolo Scholar…

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Are Christians doing urban ministry all wrong?


And are we doomed to a rising generation that doesn’t know the poor or how to help them? Planting churches in big cities—especially in gentrified areas—is a trendy thing to do these days. Some of those churches are doing remarkable things. But sometimes the focus on “sexy” ministry techniques and upper-income neighborhoods creates a danger.…

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Meet the Campolo Scholars

Campolo Scholars with Tony, Peggy and Robert

When we launched the Campolo Center for Ministry less than two years ago, we had an ambitious, long-term, strategic goal to raise up a new generation of pastors and Christian leaders. We longed to see talented young people serve and revitalize our churches and help our communities of faith navigate the challenges of the day.…

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(FREE) The Power of God’s Love Mission Conference

Paoli Confernce Poster

The Greater Philadelphia community is invited to Paoli Presbyterian Church for “The Power of God’s Love,” a mission conference from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 9. Tony Campolo will be the keynote speaker at 1 p.m. Guests should please register at Lunch is provided (donation basket) at noon. Click here for…

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