Why Eastern?

For nearly 50 years, Tony and Eastern have been allies in this effort to unleash Christian leaders and pastors. Eastern has had a formative impact on Tony; he was in the 1956 graduating class of Eastern.

Known as Eastern’s “whirlwind,” between 1953 and 1960, Tony earned a total of 3 degrees from Eastern and its Seminary.   In 1964, while pastoring two churches and working on his PhD, Tony accepted a full-time faculty position at Eastern and eventually served as Chair of the Sociology Department for 25 years.

During Tony’s tenure as full-time professor students from around the country came to Eastern to “major in Tony.”   Tony recruited his students to tutor and minister to at-risk youth from low-income urban neighborhoods in nearby Philadelphia and Trenton, NJ.   This type of holistic Christian service became a hallmark of Eastern, and eventually led to the formation of Tony’s ministry, EAPE (Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education).

Tony was instrumental in helping Eastern develop a major in social work in the 1970s, becoming only the second college in the United States with an accredited undergraduate social-work program.  Not long after that, Tony was a primary force behind Eastern’s establishing the first undergraduate major in youth ministry.

Later, EAPE and Tony played a critical role in the creation of Eastern’s innovative master’s program in micro-economic development.  As one of Eastern’s most distinguished graduates and professors Tony has left an indelible mark on his beloved alma mater.   Given Tony’s profound impact on Eastern, it’s not surprising that our faculty, staff and students proudly note that Eastern shares Tony’s DNA.

Tony’s ongoing commitment to Eastern as a professor and leader and Eastern’s ongoing commitment to teaching God’s Word faithfully and effectively make Tony and Eastern an obvious partnership in addressing the church’s major problem of trained leaders for her future.

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