The Tony and Peggy Campolo Scholarship Fund

Tony Campolo-20We must equip the next generation of church leaders to graduate with no or as little debt as possible and fulfill their call to ministry.

“All resources of the church – educational, institutional, theological, financial – need to be brought to bear to avoid the gathering storm of debt that threatens the next generation of clergy and lay church professionals.” (The Gathering Storm, 2)

The church must invest in its future, by investing in the education and training of its future pastors, missionaries, and youth workers. We long to see students inspired by Tony… promoting the whole Gospel, Jesus and Justice, theory and praxis, theology and lifestyle… true Red Letter Christians.

We plan to recruit five Campolo Scholars per academic year. Eastern’s admission committee will select these scholars based on criteria and standards established by the Campolo advisory group. $2.5 million will be set aside as an endowment for Campolo scholarships, or approximately $6,500 per year per student when fully operational.

Gifted students called to full-time Christian service will study with Tony and other leaders of Red Letter Christianity in a community at Eastern University committed to the integration of faith, reason and justice and the spiritual formation of the next generation of thoughtful Christian leaders.


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