The Tony and Peggy Campolo Chair of Christian Faith and Service

Tony Campolo-5We plan to recruit a first-rate Christian scholar/practitioner with expertise in biblical/theological studies and the social sciences or political science/history. This chaired position will be a half-time teaching and half-time administrative position with appointments in all four branches of Eastern University: the College of Arts and Sciences, Campolo College, Esperanza College and Palmer Theological Seminary.  This individual shall have four primary responsibilities:

  • Oversee the first year INST150, an Introduction to Faith, Reason and Justice and lead efforts to develop a common syllabus that embraces Eastern’s educational values of faith, reason and justice. Every CAS student is mandated to take this course, thus, providing a foundational course in developing a Christian worldview.  We will preserve selected video clips of Tony’s sermons, for posterity, where he highlights faith, reason and justice.
  • Create, with appropriate Eastern faculty, an academic minor in social change.  The minor will engage students on issues of Christian formation, vocation and call in order that they might bring Kingdom values to the churches, their professions and social and political entities.
  • Provide instruction where classroom insight informs social reality and vice versa.
  • Network internationally with various Christians, NGO and Government organizations dedicated to the common good.



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