The Campolo Center for Ministry Programming

Tony’s ongoing commitment to Eastern as a professor and leader and Eastern’s ongoing commitment to teaching God’s Word faithfully and effectively make Tony and Eastern an obvious partnership in addressing the church’s major problem of trained leaders for her future.

An endowment will support the following program efforts for the next twenty years:

Campolo Mentors Program (10 hour a week apprenticeships while in school): In the tradition of Hebrew rabbinical model, Jesus taught his disciples through apprenticeship – he led by example and taught by answering questions.  Through word and deed, theory and praxis, Jesus mobilized a radical movement of apprentices – his disciples – who in turn discipled and apprenticed successive generations of Jesus followers.  It was through this practice that the Church of Jesus Christ was built and multiplied.  The Campolo Center for Ministry seeks to continue this biblical model.

Through our Campolo Mentors Program, we will organize and mobilize a network of pastors, teachers, missionaries, chaplains, social workers, business leaders (tent makers), lay church leaders – seasoned Christians with real world ministry leadership and experience – to mentor and counsel Campolo Scholars during their years of study and training, and help nurture, encourage and hold accountable students preparing for Christian service.

Service Learning and Internships: An essential component of the Campolo Scholars Program with be service-learning.  Tony understands the importance of combining theory and praxis — what a student learns in the classroom must be practiced in the streets and what’s learned in the streets must inform what’s taught in the classroom.  Campolo Scholars will have unique opportunities to participate in year-long with key ministries.



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